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MAGIC CURSE SPELLS AND HEXES - Powerful spells to curse and hex someone, simple curse spells to try on someone, spellcasting to curse enemies



1. Reversal spell - A reversal spell is used to undo or reverse a spell, curse, or hex that has been cast upon you. It can also be used to reverse a spell that has been cast by you.

2. Lemon Curse Spell - This lemon curse spell is used to undo a wrong or a curse that has been cast upon you or someone close to you.

3. Liberation Spell - This liberation spell will be cast as a way of liberating your life and ridding yourself of an unwanted power.

4. Psychic Vampires Spell - If you feel like you are in the presence of a psychic vampire then the ridding vampire spell is the one you need to cast and it will rid the surrounding area of the presence of a vampire.

5. Getting Over Spell - Getting over a spell can be used to void out another spell that you have cast upon yourself or that another has cast over you. It can also be used by you to rid another of a spell cast by someone else.

6. Undo Bad Energy Spell - If you think someone has places a bad energy hex or curse on you or a loved one then you can undo the bad energy using this spell.






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