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A SPELL TO GET ANOTHER TO AGREE - Easy magic spell to get somebody to agree with you




This free black magic agree spell is a spell that does exactly as it says...makes others agree
with you. This spell is great, when used, to have a person or people to agree to or have the
same opinion as you. This free agree magic spell persuades even the most stubborn person to
agree with your ideas and thoughts. Please try this free magic agree spell. This agree
magic spell is only one of many of our free magic spells for you to use depending on your
situation or purpose.

Light a pink candle for love and a blue candle for healing on a
friday evening. Say the following incantation:
"Please (name of person), do think again.
May the consequence heal my pain.
Grant my request to me and you'll see,
The good in your heart set me free.
Bless you."
Snuff the candles out after casting your spell.





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