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MAGIC SPELL TO GET SOMEONE TO CALL YOU - Magic spell to get another person to get in touch or contact you



A calling spell is a different kind of spell that is cast as a magic way of getting
a certain or special person to call you. This free black magic calling spell can be used to
have a loved one or a family member call you. This magic call spell can also be
used to have a boss or prospective employer call you to ease your mind from
worries. Give this free magic spell a try when you are wanting to receive
a call from someone. This is one of our many free magic spells.

Take a piece of parchment or fine quality writing paper and inscribe the name of the target. Write it in a circle twice, so the ends meet. As you do this, concentrate on the person's face and your desire that they call you. Then, while still concentrating, put a needle through the center of the circle created by the name. Place the charm by the phone.
The call will come within 5 minutes, 5 hours, or 5 day, depending on how well the spell was cast and how much will
power was used.






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