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LOVE SPELL TO DEFEAT A RIVAL IN LOVE MATTERS - Magic spell for defeating another for someone's love




If you are in a showdown for the affection of a special person then please try this magic
defeat a love spell. It will help you to defeat the rival that is challenging you for the love of a
special person. This free black magic spell will help you to become the winner of the love you
are wanting to receive. Your rival will have to take a back seat once you cast this free magic
love spell. We offer many types of free magic love spells, please find the one
that is right for your situation.

Take a lock of hair from the person you love, then make with it as many knots as rivals they are, saying in low voice the name and the surname of each rival. Throw it into the fire in which there will be bay leaves, verbena leaves and flowers and majoram limbs.

As you throw it say 3 x in a loud voice: ´´scheva, annul the powers of my rivals´´.

From that moment the person that you love won´t notice any other person excepting you.






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