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ELEVATED PRIDE SPELL - Easy magic spell for boosting pride and self confidence




This magic spell is one that is cast in the unfortunate event that you do not possess or do not have enough pride in yourself. If you are looking for a free black magic spell to cast to improve that problem, then this elevated pride spell is the one you are looking for. This magic elevating pride spell can also be cast by you for the purpose of a family member, a friend, or somone who needs to feel more proud of themselves.

You will need a coin. A coin that has a face.
Imagine that the face in the coin is your subject.
Walk around the street while imagining the person
you desire to be humbled. Think of his pride and ego.
Then throw upward the coin while saying this:
"What goes up, the same shall go down."


"HE who elevated his pride, the same depth will be humbled."
Don't ever turn back to pick up the coin. Leave the coin from where it
drop. Let other people pick it up. The person that will find the coin will be
the one who will humble your subject deeply.
***Make sure that no person will see or hear you when you do this spell. It is preferable to do this at night when no one is around. If a dog swallow the coin, that dog will be the one to make this spell possible. There is no turning back, except for the law of three and what goes round comes around.






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