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MAGIC SPELL TO CURSE AN ENEMY - Cast a hex or curse on an enemy




This magic spell to curse an enemy is cast for the sole purpose of evoking a curse or an evil hex on someone you consider to be your enemy. These free black magic spells can be used in a wide variety of ways for a wide variety of different enemies. You can use these magic hex and curse spells on different enemies. These free magic spells are available on our site for you to use depending on the purpose or situation. We offer many free magic spells.

In the dark of the moon, spread a table with some cloth of a dark color.
Ragged and dusty. At the four corners, set black candles unlit. In the
center of the table, set a open wooden box. On a small flat stone, enscribe
your enemy's name reversed. Spit upon it and set it within the box. Light
the four candles with a burning straw or taper. Cast into the box a handful
of bitter weeds: chicory, dandelion, etc.
Fix the curse with these words...
That thou shalt be turned into a stone,
And that all thy wits shall be turned front to back,
And that over thy face the loathsomeness shall creep,
And that as in a coffin thy limbs shall be bound,
And that light shall be withheld from thine eyes,
And that thy house and lands shall be impoverished and spoiled,
And that all the nourishment shall taste to thy toungue as wormwood,
And that shou shalt be held alien from thy fellow man,
And that these things shall be so until I release thee,
I spread this table and mark this stone
And spit upon it and conceal it,
And light these candles and apply these poisons,
And fix this curse upon thee
In the names of the Four Fires
Whose names are RIL, YUT, SAR, and LOD,
Who shall consume thee as they are consumed
Remain watching by the candles until the are burnt out. These things may be
taken away but the stone must be buried near you house until the spell is





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