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MAGIC SPELL TO CHANGE YOUR EYE COLOR - Beauty spell for changing appearance


This eye color changing spell is an unusual spell that is cast for the sole purpose after which it is named, to change your eye color. Some people believe that they will do better or be noticed more if their eye color is something other than the color it is now. So this is where you would use this free black magic and mystical eye color changing spell. If you are looking for a change in eye color, then please try this spell to see if a new eye color would suit your lifestyle better. This is only one of our many free magic spell you will be able to find here.

Make sure it is night when you do this spell. Also, light one orange and one pink
Close your eyes. (You Must Have complete focus and be concentrating on the
spell, ONLY.) Fill your mind with the color your eyes are. Picture that for about five
minutes. Then picture the color you want. Chant...
'' Become of me,'' three times. Repeat this hole process two times and you will see
changes through the day.






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