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GETTING OVER SOMEONE SPELL - Magic forgetting spell to get over a loss or a lost love



A getting over spell is one used in different ways. The first way to use a magic getting over spell is by casting the spell to help you get over a love or a loss. This black magic spell is a great way of ending a bad situation and putting the past behind you. Another way to use this free magic getting over spell is to cast it for the purpose of un-doing or voiding out another spell cast by you earlier. This magic getting over spell is also effective to end an unwanted spell that has been cast upon you by someone else. We offer many free magic spells available for you to use and cast at your convenience.

You will need:
1 red candle for strength
2 white candle for healing
  a piece of paper with the persons name written on it

Now you begin by placing the s white candles left and right from the red
then u light the red candle, left white, then right white candle
while you are chanting these words;
I burn thy name so it shall be
cast out of my memory
(name of person) your name is as cold as ice
to get over you would be nice
this spell works best midnight during a full moon.






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