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SPELL TO BLESS YOUR HOME - Magic spell for a home blessing and protection




This free home blessing black magic spell is used as a way to bless your new home or the new home of a friend or family member. This magic home blessing spell can also be used just as a little extra added blessing for your home. You can cast this free magic home blessing spell on any home whether it is your home or someone's close to you. Enjoy this free mgaical home blessing spell after you have cast its wonderful magic on your home.

Bright Blessings, this is a spell to bless your home
First, mix equal parts of
           powdered garlic
After you have mixed the above well sprinkle it around your home while chanting:
Magic wheel twist magic wheel turn
round this house this spells begun
all fights against evil my battle be won
mother goddess shine your light on this place
this (day) night protect the occupants protect this home
with harm to none this me will be done.






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