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MAGIC SPELL TO BECOME INVISIBLE - Powerful free spell to make yourself appear invisible to others




This free invisibility spell may cause some confusion. It is not cast for the purpose of being actually invisible as you may think it would be cast. This free black magic invisibility spell is cast for the purpose of making yourself seem invisible. If you are getting too much unwanted or unwarranted attention paid to you then by casting this magic spell you will see all that disappear. This magic spell will make you have more of a private life to do all the things you would like without being so noticed. This magic invisibility spell is only one of the many free magic spells offered here.

Here is a spell to make you less noticeable, this spell may not work for some
people depending on experience.
First of all, visualize a white or black light (which ever one is more
suitable) and visualize yourself inside that light, now picture that light
getting blurry and taking in the colors of the objects around you, now see
yourself getting blurry or being sucked into the light and the light taking
the form of the objects around you until you cannot see the light. your eyes
must be closed for you to do this.





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