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MAGIC LIBERATION SPELL - Powerful spell to liberate or free yourself from something you feeling holding you back




This magic spell page holds a free black magic liberation spell. The word liberation means "to be freed". This free magic liberation spell will do just that when cast. This liberation spell will free you from something you feel you are harbouring but want to rid yourself of completely. This free magic liberation spell will help you to remove unwanted control or unwanted power you may be experiencing. This magic spell can either be cast upon yourself or someone else.

Sit in a circle and place nine
candles anointed with oils and spices.
As you intone the words below,
place an object the target has given you
into a puppet and place the puppet into the cauldron.
Your love will wither and depart,
from my life and my heart
Let me be, (name)
and go away forever.
Then light the puppet and watch.





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