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Magic Spell To Prosper And Be Successful In Life

This magic spell is refered to as a prosperity spell. A prosperity spell can mean different things to different people. To some people, this free magic prosperity spell can be used to add extra wealth or to increase financially. It can also mean prospering in life such as love, health, and also happiness. This free black magic spell can be used to prosper in life according to what the spell caster is searching for to better please themselves and to make their lives better.

You will need: ½ cup of Prosperity Potion; a sheet of paper with your name written on it in green ink; a small dish (capable
of hold liquids); a green candle
What to do: Light the green candle, and place the paper in the dish. Little by little, pour the potion on the paper while saying
Paper money come alive and grow
Pour down on me both high and low
Snuff out the candle, and leave the dish undisturbed, in place, for three concesutive nights. During those three nights, re-light
the candle and recite the chant.





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