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Powerful spell to make it rain

This is a magic rain spell. It is used most commonly to bring rain to drought stricken areas. It can also be used as a way to enjoy the wonderful appear of nature's rain. This free black magic rain spell is offered to you for you spell casting needs. We offer a wide variety of free magic and mystical spells that are availabe to you.

Do this outside staring at clouds above:
"Ancient Gods and Goddesses,
I invoke thee.
Waters from the sky,
Let it be."
"I command thee now,
to thee all.
Listen to my desire,
Rain fall!"
This spell has power over the weather and works when it is needed. It makes
it rain. (of course!)



Simply Take a bowl full of water and if you have 2 people sit across
from each other... if it is just you then just put it in front of you.
Make sure you make your circle then chant over the bowl of water "Water
Nymphs strike the clouds so rain will fall freely to the ground" while
doing that visualize clouds bursting open and water falling down over
the area you wish for rain. this really works i did it with a friend





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