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Re-kindle old love or regain a love you have lost

By using this magic spell you will
be able to regain the love you once and but somehow lost or maybe it faded over time. This free
magic spell will help you get back the love that once surrounded you in your life. We also
offer many love spells for all reasons. 

Oh powerful forces of earth and heaven, vigilantes spirits hear my prayer and make my ex have honest and sincere love for me. Light the fire that ignite the flame of love and desire again and make..(name of your ex)? come back into my life again.?
Repeat this prayer as many times as necessary. There is no preset number of times. You must sing this prayer and memorize it until it becomes the song. Part your minds from any other thought and reach a maximum concentration in what you are doing while your body relaxes. When you have reached this state of partial trance it will be time to stop.





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