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Ease the burden of a mental battle and reveal answers that are deep rooted in your soul

This magic spell is a mystic soul tap spell. This spell will become useful in the event
you or someone close to you is having a mental battle deep within their soul. This free magic spell will help you decide the correct action to take in order to deal with the battle within.
This free magic mystic soul tap spell will ultimately tell you the true answers you are seeking
to find deep within your soul. This magic soul tap spell is only one of the free magic spells
offered here in these pages of free spells. All our free black magic spells are available
here for your spell casting needs. We also offer information on
spells and spell casting.

    (You should have a RED candle lit and a picture of the person who's soul you wish to tap into.) (Stare as directly at the flame as possible while reciting.)
Seperate now, but soon will link, my soul and yours shall finally sync. My pride is fiery and so too shall yours be, just follow the flame, so mote it be.   
(this spell should let you into the person's soul and see what you wish to see)





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