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Magically stop the rain before it comes to you

This magic spell will end the rain
that is threatening your daily activities. This free magic spell will end rain in the event of flooding
or if you have a wonderful days activities planned outside. Try this free stop the rain spell the next
time you need a day outdoors and rain is approaching. Don't let rain ruin your day, when casting
a spell is an easy way to end the rainy problem.

This is a spell to stop rain from coming to a town right before it falls.  When it starts getting dark, chant this with lots of feeling:

"Gods of power, Gods of might,
I bid you now, stop this plight,
Stop the rain, we need no more,
Let it fall, nevermore."

Put allot of feeling in stopping rain from falling from the clouds and it will not fall, it will simply move to a area away from where you
are and then fall.  I use this all the time when i am mowing the lawn and its about to rain, then i cast this and finish the lawn.






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