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How to read someones mind magically

This telepathy spell will be a great help to those of you that already have the
knack for reading minds. This magic free spell will help enable you to continue on the mind
reading path. This telepathy spell will help you in the day to day routines of reading individuals
minds and be able to communicate without using voice to those other people who have the
same ability as you possess. We offer many free and magic spells here all for your
spell casting needs.

Now I've always had a knack for reading people, but this always helps me the morning after when in comes to reading minds.  I suggest that this spell be used by someone who already has already evolved their telepathy.

Do this spell before going to bed. A quick relaxing meditation before helps. While burning a white candle, and a purple candle, side by side, chant this three times, and
envision your mind opening up.  Then blow out the candles, and go to bed.

"As it be thought in the mind of others
both familiar and strange
both sisters and brothers
may it be heard in mine own head
loud and clear as if it'd been said."

Repeat the spell at least once in the morning, while envisioning your mind opening up.
Remember, other peoples thoughts will almost seem like your own. You can't pull them out of people either. Over-concentrating will screw this up.  Just have an open mind.






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