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Powerful black magic spell that puts a curse on someone that took away your lover

This curse spell is used with the aid of using weeds. These weeds have
to be found where they are stealing food, water, soil, etc from your plants. This free black magic spell is used to curse the person that has stolen your significant other. It can also be used
to curse your mate and the person they cheated on you with. These free magic spells
are available here for you to use in the manner in which you see fit.

This spell should be cast on a friday night at least after 7:00. The spell will curse a girl or boy that has stolen your significant other, or has cheated on you and than it
curses both of them. well here it is >get 3 weeds that have been stealing one of your plants food,water,soil,ext. and place it in your Cauldron filled with water. Place a picture of the person in which you're going to curse. (and only you can curse them or it comes
back at the person most significant to you.) then chant the following 3 times

"You have been so evil stealing my guy/girl,
so unto you this curse I hurl,
don't ever go near my very best friend,
or another time this curse il send"

now pick the picture up out of the water and after a wile burn it, and by the next moon cycle and the little slut will be begging for mercy.






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