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How to acquire something you are wishing for using magic

This is one of the most popular and most cast magic spells. This magic spell is used to obtain something special the spell
caster is hoping to acquire. There are many magic wishing spells used daily and usually
after using this free magic spell, the spell caster is rewarded quickly. There are many
free magic spells offered here for all of your magic spell casting needs.

This wishing spell has been used many times and the wished things have happened
usually in a short time.
Hold a "Lucky Charm" (not the cereal) and light a candle and chant three times

"This simple wish is mine to cast,
a magic spell to make it last,
I close my eyes a little shiver,
this wish for me now please deliver.

While thinking of your wish when you have finished drop the charm and blow the candle out.






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