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As a white candle shining bright, incense burns should any tell. So then is all our relations, come forth, all is well. From north, to east, south, and west, the four directions of trials and test. I close thy eyes and so rest, work is still to be done, shall we do our best. So mote it be now as we see. Blessed be as ye be, go in peace. Take one white candle and and two bowls or censers and feel them with sand. Next put two pieces of round charcoal and powdered incense. I use Astral incense. Remember the words to the spell and when you come to the part where you close your eyes, do so and close your eyes. Keep repeating until you feel relaxed and in a meditative state of mind. Invoke the spirits. Invoke Jesus who is the son of God and the Goddess. Ask Jesus to help if things are confusing.





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