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Powerful spell to bring a special someone into your life

Say seemingly adore the persona, the vibes of a certain individual's aura, but you don't know him, or her, very well -- however, you'd like to. You want them to see, in you, what you see in them -- you want to meet this person, get to know them a little better, and if it becomes becomes something. Though it begins as something romantic for you, and perhaps you can add a little bit of that appeal to their own subconscious as well.)

1. Pink, red, white candle, and another that's color you associate yourself with.
2. A medium-sized bowl.
3. Rose-marry, body oil, (of any kind,) chili-pepper, (the kind in hot-chocolate,) and vinegar.
-- Now then, this is going to come off as somewhat amusing: the pink candle, in my mind, is for friendship, red is for the passion of love, white is for the purity of your wishes -- and the color you provide can represent any sort of magic you desire.
-- Pour the rose marry, oil, chili-pepper n' vinegar into the bowl, with water. (The rose-marry symbolizes sweetness, oil: indulgence, chili-pepper: pleasure. Vinegar is wholesome, and hence a good feature.) Pluck three hairs from you head, (three times three. From the root, not cut.) Twist them together. Light each candle, and place them in a circle, (the four points of the pentagram.) Melt your hair to the candle you've chosen. Drip wax into the bowl twice, then stir the ingredients within it five times with the flame, (afk: smother the fire in the bowl.) Place the other three candles, still lit, on your window-cell with the name of the person you desire carved into the candle that will represent what kind of relationship you have, (friendship, passion, purity,) and let them burn all night. (Finish burning the candle you selected on the eve' of a full moon.)

Light the candle, with the individual's name on it, after the other two, before bed and after it is lit...repeat after me:

Lover's quarrel, Lover's might,
indulge the strength of this night.
Come to me, and defy all spite. Remember the mind upon which you came - Isis be blessed, Isis, be kind.
Lover's quarrel, Lover's might, come to me in the moon-shed's light.






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