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Easy love chant to help you if you are hurting from a relationship or to show you if the relationship is right for you

Take a scented candle, one with a scent that holds meaning for you eg. peppermint and either a. a rose (the color depends on your type of love eg. white = pure) or b. the symbolic flower of your love and relationship with the person in question. Kneel beside the candle and chant the following. Be sure you are alone.

"Take this flower, the symbol of my love and purity, O Venus, Goddess of all that is Loving and Pure. I ask only of you that you guide me in the light of your wisdom. Show me the truth of my love, O Goddess. Heal the hurt inside and give me the direction of the path I must follow. If I am hurt, heal me. If I am lost, guide me. If I am wrong, show me."

Take now the flower and dip it in the wax of the candle. Lay it down to dry. Deliver the flower back to the ground, bury it. Before you cover the flower with the grains of the earth of Mother Nature, repeat the chant as above and whisper the name given to your love. Cover the flower and leave.






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