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NOTICE ME MAGIC SPELL - SPELL TO GET NOTICED - Easy love spell to help you get noticed by the one you want to notice you

You will need: wax/ candles plastic wallet lavender rosemary 1 red/ 1 green/ 1 white/ 1 blue and one other color candle to represent the elements and the spirit. an oil of your choice. the day before casting, melt wax and when it starts to cool mould into a small person and a separate heart. The next day light the candles of the elements, write the initials of the person you want to notice you onto the wax person. And write your own initials on the heart anoint them with oils and chant: 'I wish no harm, just attention, notice me, but no harm be done.' place the wax shapes into the plastic wallet with lavender and rosemary. seal and keep safe.


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