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Magic money drawing spell to bring in needed money fast

This is a spell to get a little money quick.

Timing: Moonsday (to add a magick boost), Sunsday (for success), Thorsday (for expansion/growth), on a full or waxing moon.

you will need: your (or a friends, if need be) cauldron/bowl , a silver coin (foreign currency often holds some neat shapes and sizes, which is important, because you have to pick one that has a pleasing shape) , your wand/hand , a little water to put in the cauldron , a white or green candle (optional) , some money-drawing incense (optional as well) , the following incantation:

i draw to me my hearts desire,
by earth, air, water, fire.
to me the money i do bring,
complete the circle, close the ring.

1. Pour some water in the cauldron, and set up your materials. bring them all into the place where your circle will be.

2. Cast circle, in whatever way you normally do. you can call the quarters, whatever. invite Deity (you may choose a god or goddess that represents monetary gain) into your circle.

3. Place the cauldron in a patch of moonlight.
light candle/incense. drop the coin into the cauldron, and stir it with your hand/wand, deosil (clockwise), while saying the incantation three times. end with 'so mote it be!' (or whatever you use to end spells), and trace an equla armed cross (+) over the cauldron.

4. Close circle, and pour the water into a stream/river, or into the pot of a favorite plant. the lawn will also serve quite nicely. thank Deity, and go inside to wait for the money to arrive. it only took mine a day, but it will take as long as its supposed to. it may also come in a round-about way. open yourself to portents, and act in accord.






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